Yo te esperaré, nos sentaremos juntos frente al mar y de tu mano podré caminar

Hi everyone! I finally finish my school! i mean, no more homework, no more finals, no more study.. i just have to go two more weeks, we are not having class but there are gonna be some pop/rock bands at school, games, food (yummy!) and stuff! summer is almost here so im pretty excited! also, i have to sing up for university in december, it starts in february 2013, not sure what day yet. anyways, im looking forwart to it aswell!

Last friday midday i came back home from school and found some puppies, i think someone left them there, they were around 5, all of them black but one who was white. i really wanted to keep them but my parents didnt let me 😦 anyways, they’re still there, some bricklayer who work next to home feed them everydays which is good, they have food at least! 🙂

At night, i went to my friend’s house, we ate pizza, watched movies and ate some ice cream too: my favourite menu!

Argentinian music band Agapornis, currently one of the most listened bands by teenagers in Argentina.


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